a school nurse

We have seen the need for a school nurse for quite some time and God is finally providing us with one. We want you to be apart of this exciting opportunity:

Marie Carmen grew up living in Tytoo Gardens orphanage and transitioned out of the orphanage two years ago. Tytoo’s transition program has been helping her get through school and this past summer Marie Carmen graduated from nursing school. We are now able to employ her at the school as our school nurse – talk about full circle life transformation!

Marie Carmen will be seeing to the students’ basic needs: headaches, stomach aches, cuts and scrapes. If something appears to be out of her hands, she will be working with the full-time nurse and part-time doctor who work at the clinic inside of Tytoo’s compound. Marie Carmen has also shared she would like to do basic teachings with the students: proper hygiene, using clean water, preventing cholera and other diseases common in Haiti, sex-ed, etc.

Right now we are looking for donations to allow Marie Carmen to work and provide for the children. We are needing all the basics: Ibuprofen and Tylenol (children’s and adult), Tums, Neosporin, Anti-fungal cream, band-aids, tape, and any other basic first aid supplies.

We also want to purchase a large cabinet to store all the supplies in that can be locked at the end of the day ($250-$300 depending on the size), a small cot for sick children to lay on ($150), a desk ($150-$200) and chairs for waiting ($100).

We also will be needing a blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and scale.

We hope to have Marie Carmen start working in the month of November. Donations can be dropped off or sent to (both physical and cash donations will be accepted!)

205 Old Mill Lane

Rock Rapids, Iowa 51246






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