Our Haitian Black Friday


Black Friday on the mountaintop was unlike any other Black Friday.

One hundred and five bicycles were handed out to students who walk over a mile to and from school each day. And, where did the money to buy these bikes come from? It was raised by six Kingdom seeking kids from Northwest Iowa.

Seriously, so cool.

Mom to two of these children, Jennifer Dukes Lee, tells the story perfectly: click here to read all about our Black Friday!

Touch of Hope loves seeing projects like these come full circle. We have built a playground, paved a road up a rocky, steep hill leading to the school, built a chicken coop and handed out hundreds of presents from sponsors. We love dreaming of a better tomorrow for the least of these in Haiti. Have a dream and want to make it a reality? Have a desire to create a better tomorrow? Want to hear what else we want to do on the mountaintop?

Send us an e-mail and let’s chat about making tomorrow a better place…


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