Kendra’s Sponsorship Story

Kendra Michael is an inspiring fourteen-year-old girl who is out to change the world. She has come up with creative fundraisers and uses her own babysitting money to sponsor two young girls through Touch of Hope.
The first little girl she sponsors is Dialina. Here’s what Kendra has to say about her relationship with Dialina:

“When I first laid eyes on this little girl in the Touch of Hope photo it touched my heart!  I just knew she was my little girl and I had to sponsor her.  I was 11 years old when I fell in love with this precious face,  I am 14 now and have grown to love her even more!  I have been able to travel twice to Haiti, and  show her how much she means to me.  The times we have spent together I was able to bring her clothes and other needs.  She was very excited!!!  We laughed and danced and played together.    I am counting the days till I see her again.  I am so thankful for Touch of Hope and the opportunity to make a difference!  I love my little girl Dialina!”

Kendra & Dalienda
Kendra & Dalienda

Kendra continues telling us about her second girl is Selineda:

Meeting Selineda for the first time was amazing!!!  She ran up the hill to her house where I was, and jumped into my arms!!!   I guess she recognized me from pictures I had sent, and Kayla had told her I was coming.

 I love her so much!

I started sponsoring Selinda when I was 11, now I am 14.

My mom and I have been able to visit Selinda and her family twice bringing them gifts and lots of love. We can’t wait to see them again!

Kendra with her mom, Joni & Salienda's family
Kendra with her mom, Joni & Salienda’s family
Hugs with Salienda
Hugs with Selinda

It breaks my heart and makes me so thankful at the same time when I hear them ask “When is Kendra coming back?”

I am so thankful for Touch of Hope and the opportunity to make a difference!


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