Dunn Family’s Sponsorship Story

Dan & Dana Dunn first traveled to Haiti in 2010 on a big mission trip. After falling in love with the country and people of Haiti, they wanted to do more.

They began supporting Touch of Hope with sponsoring a child right away. Dana says, “It is always good to see our sponsor kids when we visit Haiti.”

They’ve been able to travel back to Haiti with their children since then.

“It was great that our kids could meet them and spend time with them so that our kids can put a real face & personality with the names that we pray for.  It helps our kids have a closer connection to the country that we love and allows them to build a real relationship with the kids and their families.

IMG_0487 IMG_0493

The Dunn’s most recent visit was this past November after they spent months fundraising to help buy bikes for children of the school. Read more about that story here.


Dana finishes, “When people ask if we are going to Haiti for a mission trip we say yes and no.  We no longer see it as a mission trip, but a trip to see friends and family that we have grown to love.”

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