Boulangerie Liberte – Bakery

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Boulangerie Liberte translates to Freedom Bakery and we have a vision to see people in our community finding freedom through job creation, orphan prevention and Jesus Christ through the bakery. The bakery was initially built in 2009 but sat unoccupied for quite some time. In September 2016, Justine and her staff of nine Haitians re-opened the bakery and the bread has been in high demand ever since!

The team starts their days around 4 a.m. making the bread and the lights stay on until 6 p.m. The bread is sold in bulk to various ministries in the area, served in the breakfast program at the Community School, and sold at the front desk of the bakery. The bread is also sold at a wholesale cost to vendors from Simonette and the surrounding villages, who then resell the bread with peanut butter, eggs, etc.

For more information about the bakery, contact Justine and like the bakery page on Facebook: