a repurposed Starfish

One of our core beliefs within Touch of Hope is family preservation. Haiti has orphanages everywhere and most have been founded on business principles. Parents relinquish their children to orphanages because they believe their children’s livelihoods will be better within four walls of an institution than in their own homes. The cycle is vicious. RecentlyContinue reading “a repurposed Starfish”

Starfish Graduation

Starfish. Blessed Starfish. It’s a beautiful idea on paper, but it’s much harder lived out. It’s my biggest burden, yet biggest blessing. It gives me the opportunity to serve 21 women, pouring into them so they can better care for the kiddos. It’s mundane work most days, as it’s a lot of budgeting, teaching andContinue reading “Starfish Graduation”

Starfish update: mamas and godmothers

Over the last six months, Touch of Hope has made a lot of transitions in our leadership and one of the biggest transitions has been me – Kayla – moving into a leadership position for the Starfish program. First it’s interesting that God would transition me into this role at such a vulnerable and emotionalContinue reading “Starfish update: mamas and godmothers”

Christmas Gifts 2016

Over Christmas break more than 100 sponsored children received back packs full of toys, pencils, notebooks, toothbrush, toothpaste and a water bottle. Extra money came in for gifts, so we were also able to bless over 150 other students in need with backpacks full of rice, beans, spaghetti and oil for the new year. Thank youContinue reading “Christmas Gifts 2016”

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Update: Hello all, Kayla here. We are happy to report that Simonette and the surrounding areas Touch of Hope serves suffered no damage from Hurricane Matthew. All of the children at Tytoo have returned back to the orphanage after staying offsite for three days and the community school plans to reopen next Monday.Continue reading “Hurricane Matthew”