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As we serve families through our different ministries, housing becomes a major part of what we do. We see children growing up sleeping on the dirt, all the while fighting many illnesses. Mamas go many nights without sleep as they fight to keep their small structures together, as the Caribbean winds and rains threaten the safety of their children. We bring hope by building these families new homes. A new home brings peace as everyone can sleep under a sound roof; bring better health as everyone finds a way off the dirt floor; and bring hope for a safe future.

The main ministry that reaches these families is the Starfish program. The first area we focus on in the program is the families housing situations. Ensuring safe housing for our families can be the hardest as many of these families are living in situations similar to the pictures structures below. Many women come to us homeless and without any material possessions. By providing a new home and ensuring the family is safe, we can then begin to focus on other areas of their life.


There are two blueprints we have for the houses we build. The first plan costs $3,200 and is a one bedroom house with a small porch and an outdoor latrine.

Attached below is a PDF for our one bedroom floor plan shown in meters.

Blueprint, one bedroom house

Before receiving a new house, Jasmine was unable to provide safe shelter for her children because people had torn her tent and stolen from her on several occasions. She received a new home in February, 2017 and her two youngest children are now reunited with her. She graduated from the Starfish Program in May, 2017.

The second plans costs $4, 200 and is a two bedroom house with a small porch and outdoor latrine. We provide these homes to families with more children.

Attached below is another PDF for our two bedroom plan, shown in meters.

Blueprint, two bedroom house

Marie Marthe’s five children grew up sleeping on the dirt ground, but that all changed when they were blessed with a new home in November, 2016. Marie Marthe says she sleeps well every night, knowing her children are safe under the roof of their new home. Marie Marthe also graduated from the Starfish Program in May, 2017.


Click Here for a downloadable PDF all about “Building Hope”

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