Starfish Sponsorship

Sponsorship for the Starfish program is $100/month and it allows us to meet the individual needs of the women in the program. From house repairs, small business loans and medical expenses, the needs  are always substantial and some days hard to meet. With the funds of Starfish Sponsorship, we are able to have the resources to meet the needs of the women in the program and equip them to better care for their children.


Marjori is a 29-year-old mother to two beautiful young girls. She also has severe diabetes. We have been able to find her housing, enroll her two daughters at the Community School and hire a woman who gives her daily insulin injections.


Esther is a beautiful 18-month-old who was separated from her mother due to extreme poverty. After finding her mom, Marie Maude, a place to live and giving her employment, we were able to reunite Esther and her older sister with their mom.
Gertrude is a single mother to four children and will be a graduate from the Starfish program in the near future. Gertrude is one of the first two employees making salsa for Salsa Sisters. In this picture, the family was receiving a new bunk bed and the teenage girls were so excited about this gift knowing they would no longer be sleeping on the ground!
Lumane is a proud new mother to a baby boy! She is a mother to six children and we are still looking for employment so she can support her children. Her house also leaks when it rains so we hope to make repairs to her home in the future as well.

These are four faces of the twenty women in the program. With fifty women on the “stand-by list” we are always looking for innovative ways to equip, empower and employ these women. Consider sponsoring this program so we can have the resources to do so!

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