Build a Home

One of the biggest blessings we are able to give a family is a NEW home!

A lot of people in our area are living in broken structures made of tattered tarp, rusted tin and sticks. Most of these structures flood with each and every tropical rain because the roofs are full of holes, the crooked sticks create gaps in the walls and the foundation of the house is nothing but a lining of rock. None of these structures have running water, flushing toilets, or electricity. These tiny structures are called home to many children, who grow up knowing nothing different than a life sleeping on the dirt.

We have seen that building a new home for a family can transform their lives in so many ways. They sleep better, which results in better health. The children are more energized for their days at school and stay healthier as they are no longer sleeping in the dirt. They stay dry during the rain, which results in productive days instead of days lost trying to dry out all of their possessions. Their entire spirit changes as their house is no longer a burden or worry.

For $3,000, you can change an entire family’s life! Consider funding a new home today!







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