Tytoo Gardens Orphanage

Tytoo Gardens came into existence under the leadership of Ed Hughes.  Ed’s personal story is one of a life changed and transformed from a night club builder to one who housed and cared for children in need.

While building the nightclub in Simonette, dozens of children would gather outside the iron gates during the day.  Ed saw how hungry and desperate they looked and he eventually began offering them peanut butter sandwiches.  Those first acts of kindness grew.  Before long, his life was completely focused on the welfare of the children and not the business of running a nightclub.

Through experiencing Jesus and being transformed by the gospel, Ed became totally devoted to the children’s welfare and the orphanage.  Tytoo was what the children called him (which they believed was his real name, as it was painted on his sailboat that brought him to Haiti).  Ed’s dedication to the orphanage was relentless as it grew to accommodate more and more children.

It was not long before the reality of living in a lawless land struck home.  In November 2005, his arm was shot off and he was left for dead by the side of the road.  Eight months later, in June 2006, he was kidnapped, ransomed, and later released.

Ed died tragically in 2009 while serving at Tytoo Gardens, but his legacy continues today.  With Ed’s passing, the ministry has continued to operate, with each year bringing new growth, challenges, and opportunities. To see a documentary on Ed’s life, click here.

Today, Tytoo Gardens Orphanage is home to thirty-one children, ages 3 to 17. The oprhanage has living quarters for all of the children and provides all the necessities to meet their needs. All of the children at the orphanage receive an opportunity of education at the Community School in Simonette. We have a staff that cares for the children. Taunya, the orphanage manager, oversees the staff and coordinates activities for the children as well as creating a structured scheduled for them.

Our ultimate desire for the children in the orphanage is for them to be loved and know their identity in Christ. Our favorite time of the day is after supper, when all the children have praise and worship together. During this time, we are always humbled to see how the children are growing in their walk with Jesus and the display of their authentic child-like faith.

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