Classroom Sponsorship

The sponsorship program is what keeps our school alive! The cost is $35/month, which provides our students with the opportunity to receive their education, a daily hot meal, uniforms, textbooks & supplies. The program also allows us to pay our teachers and staff a fair salary. We currently employ more than 80 people, which includes all of our teachers, kitchen staff and grounds keepers. Through this program, we also provide the funds for the buildings and upkeep of the school.

One thing we love about our school is that it is all Haitian led. Our staff is dedicated and passionate about our vision to see the future generation equipped and empowered through education. Sponsoring a classroom allows our staff to have the materials they need to continue to see this vision through.

For more background about the school, click here.

If you are interested in sponsoring a classroom, please fill out the form below and let us know which classroom you’d like to sponsor. In addition to sponsoring a classroom, you can also sponsor our kitchen staff who serves more than 1,200 hot meals a day and are in need of supplies or our grounds keeping team that is made up of three hard-working men.

To set up your monthly sponsorship payment, click here and follow the automatic monthly payment option. Payments for sponsorship may also be made with cash or check and sent to:

PO Box 230, Rock Rapids, Iowa 51246

Once your form is completed, a letter and picture of a staff member will be sent your way!

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