Tytoo Gardens Orphanage Sponsorship

In order for us to meet our monthly budget at the orphanage, we have set up a sponsorship program that allows the sponsor to have a personal relationship with the children + allows us to keep the orphanage up and running. It’s no easy feat to feed, clothe and provide for thirty-one children, but with the help of the sponsorship program we are able to meet the needs of the children.

For each child, we need three sponsors at $50/month to cover their needs. Below are each of our children with three hearts, the filled hearts represent a sponsor and an un-filled heart represents a sponsor needed. Consider sponsoring a child at Tytoo Gardens Orphanage today!

Meet our kids:

Mavens, age 4
Richcard, age 3
Sophie, age 8
Naica, age 6
Angelina, age 7
Widgina, age 6
Samantina, age 9
Lopez, age 3
Lovena, age 8
Samuel, age 6
Steeve, age 8
Kayla, age 8
Kelly, age 8
Chris, age 8
Wilkina, age 13
Yoline, age 15
Dashcar, age 17
Wechfarline, age 13
Odnicia, age 14
Wiliana, age 16
Guytember, age 12
Solon, age 18
Bosny, age 18
Jessi, age 15
Achemy, age 17
Luckeny, age 15
Weskendy, age 17
Kervens, age 17
Davidson, age 16
Wadson, age 17
Jessica, age 15

Please fill out the form below if you would like to sponsor a child from Tytoo Gardens Orphanage. We will respond with further steps once we receive your form. To set-up automatic withdrawals, see our DONATE page.

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