Rosie’s Boutique and Job Creation

One of our core beliefs within Touch of Hope is to keep families together. All of our ministries – in one way or another – have goals to keeping families together.

Outside of our ministries, our biggest effort for job creation is through Rosie’s Boutique. Rosie’s was founded by Kayla in 2014 with the sole intentions being to promote companies in Haiti that are working to keep families together through job creation. The boutique was to also create a revenue for her own family and put money back into Touch of Hope’s ministries. In 2016, Renae opened up another storefront in Rock Rapids, Iowa (the hometown to the Grooters’s family) and that store quickly became a success, helping to create more revenue for Touch of Hope’s projects and ministries.

When Rosie’s was founded, the intention was to buy products from already existing companies, but in 2015, God opened doors for more employment opportunities and Rosie’s started producing greeting cards and employing women who were graduating from the Starfish Program. We started with a small group of eight women and by 2018, we were employing 26 women, providing stable incomes to their families.

the original group in 2016
all the employees to Rosie’s Boutique in 2018

The business continued to grow and in 2017 plans were made to build an expansion. Touch of Hope purchased a piece of property right off the main highway and built a permanent boutique building with a full kitchen included in the spring of 2018. As of 2020, Rosie’s employs 31 women and 3 men (who are all security guards!) We created a fun cafe menu that serves our homemade, ever-popular mango salsa (which is made in-house by our cafe employees!) The expansion, plus the entire business, has grown into more than we could have ever dreamt of in 2014 and we look forward to see all the lives God will touch through this business.

the kitchen staff goofing off in front of the beautiful Rosie’s mural
Daphne, the boutique manager, serving up a cup of ice cream – our menu is full of refreshing treats & drinks!
ladies busy working on greeting cards on the patio
the kitchen is typically full of chatter and laughter
Rosie’s employees modeling our ever-popular, Haiti-inspired shirts
Hermanie, “the big boss” oversees the production and quality of all the greeting cards

A collection of Rosie’s products is now available online:

Shop today to help us create more jobs in Haiti!

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