Rosie’s and Job Creation

One of our core beliefs within Touch of Hope is to keep families together. The Starfish Program exists to help mamas keep their kids; the community school exists to provide education opportunities for the extremely poor in our communities, allowing children to go to school and families to stay together; and, we are working on reunifying children at the orphanage as well. All of our ministries, in one way or another, have goals to keep families together.

Outside of our ministries, our biggest effort for job creation is through Rosie’s boutique. Rosie’s was founded by Kayla in 2014 and its entire purpose is to promote companies in Haiti that are working to keep families together through job creation plus create a revenue that will keep her own family sustainable and put money back into Touch of Hope ministries. In 2017, we were able to take over $2,000 from Rosie’s profits and register 89 kids in the Starfish program. We also were able to use profits and give our small business loans and gift other women in the Starfish program with new beds.

In 2016, Renae opened up a Rosie’s in Rock Rapids, Iowa and that store has been a success as well, helping to create more revenue for our projects and ministries.

Under the umbrella of Rosie’s, we have two other small job creation initiatives: Rosie’s greeting cards and Salsa Sisters.


the greeting card mamas!

Rosie’s greeting cards are hand-embroidered greeting cards made by a team of nine Haitian mamas. You can purchase them here.

Salsa Sisters was started in December 2016 and is a small business where we make homemade salsa, buying all of our ingredients in the local markets and employing three mamas. We have big expectations for this business to grow once Rosie’s expansion in Haiti is complete.

Kayla with the Salsa Sisters!

What is Rosie’s expansion you may ask?

Rosie’s expansion is a dream for Rosie’s to grow, to reach more people and to employ more people. The retail space at the expansion will be larger than what we have now and in one large room, there will be a kitchen for salsa (we are currently making it at the Raymond household and it is in now way sustainable there), larger storage area and workspace for the greeting cards, a covered patio for visiting teams and groups to gather and hang out, plus parking (which is a huge issue at the moment!) For more behind the heart of Rosie’s expansion, read Kayla’s blog, here.

blueprint for Rosie’s expansion


A collection of Rosie’s products is now available online:

Shop today to help us create more jobs in Haiti!

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