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Kayla has been living in Haiti full-time since June 2012. Her plans to stay in Haiti became quite permanent when she married her husband, Webert on January 4, 2014. They have gained custody of three children and plan on raising them in Haiti. Kayla and Webert also welcomed Rubie Jo to their family on October 11, 2016. They are blessed to have a steady income, so they do not have to personally raise support. They are, however, looking for people to donate and support the Lazarus Fund: a fund set up to help them support and aid people in the community. To read the heart and mission behind this fund, click here.

You can keep up with Kayla and her thoughts at

Taunya DeWeerd with Karina, one of Tytoo's toddlers
Taunya DeWeerd with Karina, one of Tytoo’s toddlers

Taunya DeWeerd is originally from Sioux Center, Iowa and has been living in Haiti at Tytoo Gardens since June 2013. She was running her own daycare and her love for kids gave her a desire to travel to Haiti and visit orphanages. After getting to know the Grooters family and becoming more familiar with Tytoo Gardens, doors opened and she moved to Haiti to oversee the care of the children in the orphanage. Her day-to-day responsibilities are to oversee the care of the children, direct and supervise the staff and organize events for the children. With 36 children, there is always lots for her to do! Taunya is seeking personal support so she can continue serving at Tytoo Gardens.


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