New School Year


Well guys, school registration is officially in the books for another year! Over 900 students registered and are now preparing their uniforms with anticipation for the new school year to start. The first day of school will be September 7th and lots of work still needs to happen before then! Books need to be bought, benches need to be built and the school rooms need to be cleaned and prepped.

As I edit and put together updated sponsorship cards, I’m so grateful to all of you who are walking this journey with us at Touch of Hope and our students. Without the support of sponsors, we would not be able to keep our school open and running. And as you can tell, there’s lots of running to do with 900 students!

We pray with anticipation for a new school year. For the children to be energized, healthy and able to learn. For the staff to be energized, motivated and able to teach. For all materials to arrive on time and for all things to fall into place before the flag is raised on our first day of school.

There’s no better time than now to join the excitement of a new school year by sponsoring one of our students, click here to learn more about our sponorship program. In the meantime, enjoy a few fun photos from our photo booth we did with the children during registration!







Love from Haiti,


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